Our Mission

Provide food and essentials to our neighbors in their time of need.

Food Assistance

The Manna Pantry is a food pantry serving families in Mecosta and Osceola Counties. Clients receive one week’s worth of food based on family size. Clients are served on a first-come, first-served basis, with no appointment needed. Clients can make choices in the pantry to obtain food that their families will enjoy.

Do you know anyone who needs food, but is afraid to ask? Or someone who is unable to get out to acquire the food they need? If so, please contact us. We can help! The only required qualification to use our pantry is a need for food.

Food shelves inside Manna Pantry

Pantry Procedures

Please follow these steps:

  • Upon arrival, call the pantry to gain your place in line.
  • Let it ring 3 times. Do not call more than once!
  • A volunteer will return your call & take your order when it is your turn.
  • You will be given an order number.
  • A volunteer will fill your order, place it outside of the pantry in a wagon, and post your order number on the door.
  • Please remain in your car until the pantry volunteer is back inside.
  • Do not move the wagon — drive up next to the wagon to load your car.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Feeding America West Michigan Agency
Mecosta Osceola United Way Agency